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We collect qualitative data from top leaders within IT, finance and insurance departments in the Nordic countries. We thrive to empower our clients’ business processes by providing them with solid data on which they can act on operational, tactical and strategic levels throughout their organization. We have several years of experience in the field and can provide you with the most in-depth, hands-on and exact data within IT, cloud platforms and end-user insights.

So how do we do it?

International CATI organization with cross Nordic operations

Our CATI setup provides the foundation on which complex industry specific data and market insights can be collected, processed and analyzed. CATI stands for “computer assisted telephone interview”. It creates a technological framework that has many advantages, compared to traditional forms of data collecting. Some of them are as follows:

  • High response rate
  • It is possible to analyze specific segments and accounts before sections of the data collection
  • All data collection processes are completed

The biggest advantage however, is the human touch behind it all:

  • Interviewers can gather additional information and save it: E.g preferences on future purchases and level of satisfaction within current environments and underlying reasons for this.
  • Interviewers can rephrase and clarify questions if needed: To promote and create better understanding.

Using a CATI setup allows the interviewers to talk directly with the decision makers and to map the current situation in the businesses, future projects and development plans.

Pro-Nordix helps in all Nordic countries and can also help in chosen European countries.

Whether Pro-Nordix conduct large scale market analysis, individual company assessments or in depth interviewing, projects at Pro-Nordix always have three involved parties: Clients, respondents & interviewers


We are a specialized service provider offering business insights on both company, industry and market level within information technology and finance. Through our CATI-processes qualitative business insights are gathered in a massive scale allowing both clients and respondents to benefit from industry reports and insight-based consultancy.


Our clients are usually top-tier industry manufacturers, resellers and service providers that are interested in market tendencies, project-plans or benchmarking within certain segments. Furthermore, clients can get information on which companies they can contact about product launches or market solutions.


Respondents are usually mid- and large-size organizations with more than 100 employees across the Nordics. We conduct thousands of computer-assisted interviews with decision makers within IT and finance every year. Each respondent will receive a free copy of our industry report allowing them to easily gain an overview and in-depth knowledge of complex markets of e.g. servers, public clouds, endpoints or financial solutions.  

CATI-delivery process


All our interviews always start with an introduction where the interviewer will go through the content, purpose and expected outcome of the interview. Clients sponsoring market analysis initiatives will always be presented in the introduction.


Our projects often combine several clients’ interests in one interview. Hence, our interviews often contain more than on area of information. Therefore, we always structure our interviews to ensure that installations, environments and projects are assessed thoroughly and summarized in each area of information (e.g. network infrastructure is one information area whereas cloud-solutions utilized is another).

Quality management / information reviewal

Pro-Nordix always delivers high-quality information and invests heavily in quality assurance. Though our information is gathered on 1-1 basis, every interview is examined by our quality control ensuring irrelevant or inaccurate information is minimized. Furthermore, we assess by having our quality department pick sample interviews which will be re-interviewed and cross-checked.


We deliver services on several levels, the three most used are as follows:

End-user information is delivered in company profiles on weekly basis. Our clients receive information from our interviews every week and that the information received is from the week before.

Database or large-scale information is delivered in excel files where each line holds the same information as in our company profiles. Knowing that our clients working in the IT and financial sector always has BI, CRM or other systems we see no benefit for our clients to force them to use ours. Therefore, we deliver the results from our interviews on quarterly basis in databases.

Industry reports summarizing market tendencies and findings from hundreds or thousands of qualitative interviews is published once a year. We aim each industry report to only show statistically valid information having confidence intervals of the median at 95%.  

Future trends and tendencies within IT.

Are you on the cloud wave, that is currently sweeping every IT department in larger companies?

We have gathered some interesting facts from companies with more than 100 employees. You can see the facts to your right.

  • 45% of companies got cloud projects within 12 months 45%
  • 60% of companies utilize private cloud platforms for server capacity. 60%
  • 45% of companies are prioritizing cloud projects 45%

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