Customer Service

Provide your customers with quality customer service and save an average of 40% compared to in-house contact-center operations!

By outsourcing your customer service to our Nordic Contact Center, you can expect:

– Dedicated employees that will work as an extension of your own team

– Talented customer service professionals at your fingertips

– Scalability allowing your organization to grow without being limited by customer service operations

– Reliable, trustworthy, and transparent operations

– Combined service offerings allowing to optimize customer retention, generate up sales to current customers and handling general customer inquiries simultaneously.

Pro-Nordix encompasses complete customer service solutions that are easy to navigate and scales with your business.

We know that great customer service is about generating perceived customer experiences to increase customer loyalty towards your brand.

Our goal is never only to meet figures but also to satisfy customers’ needs by actively working with retention, handling orders, managing returns, and so much more!